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5D Calibration

The 5D  “tuning fork” to awaken your lower 4 body system as a divine instrument.   “Fine tune" your frequency with Unconditional Love.  Similar to a shamanic journey, travel through the multiple dimensions of your own consciousness, through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms (and beyond), calibrating and attuning each thread and cell to the frequency of Divine Love.  Calibration sessions are offered via distance, by phone, through a closed eye meditative breathing process.  Through the unified field, we journey together through the dimensions and threads of your consciousness.  When we shine the light of our awakened consciousness on anything, calibrated to the frequency of Love, there is freedom, expansion, release, and empowerment.  Unravel, unpack, and unfold through a meditative journey of awakening, and shed the layers of misaligned vibrational imprints, bringing your entire lower 4 body system, or instrument, in tune with your 5D Self and awakened consciousness.

5D Calibrations are offered in a 10 part series - systematically calibrating each of the major and transpersonal chakras, addressing the entire lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Calibrations include upgrades to the immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, elimination system, reproductive system, and musculoskeletal system.  Cleansing and purification of the emotional body. Activations and attunements to the communications channels.  Fine tuning of core values, belief system, and inner agreements of personal integrity.  And the integration of high frequency downloads through the light body.

The 10 part series of Calibrations is a helpful tool in elevating the overall cellular frequency of the physical body to the 5D vibrational language and consciousness of Love.  Extremely beneficial in the holistic upgrade from carbon to crystalline, or 3D to 5D.
$2100 for the Series of 10 Calibration Attunements

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5D Astrology Session

Gain insight, clarity, and wisdom to navigate the current experiences and events on the path of evolution.  The 5D birth chart is the map of the individual’s lower 4 body system, and reveals energy patterns and themes through the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body.  We all contain the 4 elements (earth, water, air, fire), and we all contain each of the 12 signs and all of the planets.  We’re all made of the same “stuff”. How we’ve arranged our individual chart, the aspects and relationships of our resources, and the placement through the lower 4 body system makes our experience unique. The 5D birth chart is a hologram of the energetic signature and blueprint for personal mastery. Understanding the personal birth chart can unlock and reveal hidden qualities, talents, and gifts.  By design, 5D astrology is used to awaken higher consciousness and support in fine tuning one’s instrument of personal mastery on the path of evolution.

$200 for 60 minutes

$300 for 90 minutes

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5D Coaching: Awaken Higher Consciousness while Navigating the Current Transitions

Includes applications of the following:


  • 5D Astrology for conscious navigation

  • Mindfulness Based Coaching for spiritual growth and personal mastery, transcending limitations from core wounds and traumas while establishing new patterns and possibilities

  • Holistic Health Coaching for optimal wellness, wholeness, and alignment of the lower 4 body system

Transformation occurs organically by navigating the current events from an awakened perspective - seeing clearly through the lens of Unconditional Love. The current challenge becomes the entry point to awaken higher consciousness.
Please contact Christine for a free consultation to see if this is a good fit.  9 month commitment is required.

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Multidimensional Bodywork

The body is a library of information, revealing the stories, beliefs, holding patterns, ancestral lineage, and density of karmic debris.  The physical body is the final manifestation and expression of vibrational patterns that are present through the spiritual, mental, and emotional realms, and also the genetic patterning passed down through the ancestral DNA, and vibrational conditioning from environment and social consciousness.  Multidimensional bodywork sessions can provide a quantum leap in consciousness, through a tangible, palpable entry point. Extremely beneficial in the release of trauma patterns from the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual bodies, karmic debris, and unprocessed emotional residue held within the body.  The body is a record keeper, a librarian, and also a gateway to higher consciousness. 

$350 for initial 2 hour session, includes 5D chart reading with bodywork
$300 for 90 minute session, after the initial 

*Sessions available in Dallas, Sedona, NYC, and Los Angeles

Email Christine at


Embodying 5D - 21 Week Course

Embodying 5D is a powerful 21 week course, delivered in 2 distinct parts that provide a solid foundation of the Cosmic Consciousness System and the key to transcending duality, unlocking creative potential, and embodying the 5D blueprint of awakened mastery.   5D is the lens of unified wholeness, the bridge to higher dimensions of consciousness and the gateway to ascension through the awakened embodiment of Divine Love - as a cellular frequency of resonance and communication.     

Part 1 - Integral Wholeness - 13 weeks of Holistic Transformation
Calibrating the qualities of consciousness found in each of the primary elements and zodiac signs, through the 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness (including the 13th sign of Ophiuchus).  Unlock the multidimensional fluidity and connectivity of universal oneness through an embodied practice.  Experience holistic transformation that awakens and ignites creative potential at a whole new octave.

Part 2 - 5D Chakra Calibration Series - 8 week journey through the chakra system, calibrating 5D consciousness (Love) and fine tuning the harmonics of the tri-fold flame, unifying each chakra through the awakened heart, reconciling the transpersonal chakras of karma/dharma and activating the crystalline DNA structure.  Fine tune your instrument through the calibrated wholeness of your chakra system.     

This 21 week course is the pre-requisite foundation for the yearlong intensive Awakening Mastery.  During the yearly intensive, we will crack open each individual's unique personal birth chart through the lens of Cosmic Consciousness to explore, awaken, and embody unique patterns of potential gifts, wisdom, and mastery while reconciling and healing the distortions and misunderstandings of shadows and wounds, personal and collective. 

The 5D birth chart is the roadmap - the blueprint and the hologram of the soul's fibonacci spiral sequence in this incarnation.  The birth chart also reveals the lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) and the energetic weight distribution of archetypal energy and patterns within that system, which is key to holistic integral wellness.  When we understand the authentic nature of our holistic system as a divine instrument, we can fine tune our Selves (and our Cells), experiencing and embodying the calibrated frequency we came to express through this collective orchestration of One Love.

Enrollment for the 2022 Embodying 5D and the 2023 Awakening Mastery programs coming soon!

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