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Copper Membership - Live* Daily Calibrations

The Daily Calibrations are offered LIVE each and every morning via Zoom at 7am PT/ 10am ET.  Start the day by tuning in to hear the astrological aspects and current themes from the 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness, or tune in at the end of the day to reflect and review.  Attune your cells to the frequency of Love in the uniquely guided calibration session to embody the aspects for conscious navigation.  Join the community of like minded individuals, calibrating LIVE across the globe, grounding higher consciousness of Love into the Earth.  It’s the daily practice you won’t want to miss!  Audio recordings are posted daily and archived in the library, available to all members

All members will receive downloadable MP3 recordings sent directly via email, 365 days a year, for personal use as an in depth tuning fork to calibrate the lower 4 body system each month.

Crystal membership is $39/month
Cancel at anytime 

Crystal Membership - Live* Daily + Lunar Calibrations

Take your 5D embodied practice to another octave with Live participation in the ongoing monthly Lunar Calibration Events.  Tune in every New Moon and Full Moon to experience these 1 hour long LIVE Zoom gatherings.  Hear channeled messages and insights about the current astrological aspects and themes, spoken through the 5D lens of Cosmic Consciousness, and receive an in-depth full bodied 5D calibration session to attune the lunar frequencies at the cellular level.  Live participation is not required, but is highly encouraged as the virtual community vibration is so profound.  Stay current with the Lunar Cycles and take your holistic practice to a whole new level.

Crystal membership is $59/month
Cancel at anytime 

Diamond Membership - Live* Daily + Lunar Calibrations
+ Monthly Wisdom Circle + Special events

The Diamond Membership offers an interactive opportunity for community as we navigate the ongoing cycles, transitions, and current events on the planet, together.  In addition to the Daily and Lunar Calibration Events, members can also tune into the Monthly Wisdom Circle - a 2 hour experiential Zoom gathering including Q&A for authentic exploration of the cycles and patterns that are manifesting on the planet.  We’ll take the lens of 5D consciousness and speak in human terms.  We’ll break down the astrology into relatable conversation and integral practice.  Based on the members’ questions and comments, there will be an organic offering of special events and additional blogs that take a deeper dive…awakening higher consciousness and integrating through everyday practical living.  

Diamond membership is $99/month
Cancel at anytime 

Thank you for joining ! ✨

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